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What is the Premarital Workshop?

What is the main content of The Premarital Workshop?

We already have a great relationship, why would we need marital education? Isn't love enough?
No, love is not enough. It is where you start. Hopefully everyone who gets married has love as a foundation, yet 50 percent still get divorced. Love is not enough to create a happy, successful marriage that will endure life's challenges and stages. All successful marriages require work and commitment. You take courses to prepare for a career, you may even take a prep course before an exam such as the GRE or LSAT. Marital researchers agree that participating in good premarital education may reduce your chance of divorce by 30% and increase your marital satisfaction. You are planning your life together and you want to do everything you can to make it successful. Research shows the year before the wedding and the six months after the wedding is the best time for The Premarital Workshop. The reason is relationship patterns may be harder to resolve. Solidify your strong foundation.

What if we've been together for a long time and may have some problem areas.

Why a six week course instead of the expensive weekend getaway?

What if we don't feel comfortable talking about our issues in a group setting?

Is this a large group? The weekend getaways are large conference like groups, I may not have individualized learning.

We are not engaged and are not sure if we are ready. Can we still participate?

Why is this workshop non-religious based?

We are an interracial couple, is this workshop for us?

We are a same sex couple, is this workshop for us?

What if as the Workshop progresses, we have doubts about whether to get married?

Nikelle Rosier, MSW, LICSW Therapist and Educator
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