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What is the Premarital Workshop?

What is the main content of The Premarital Workshop?

We already have a great relationship, why would we need marital education? Isn't love enough?

What if we've been together for a long time and may have some problem areas.

Why a six week course instead of the expensive weekend getaway?
This workshop is a closed group that meets once a week for two hours. Each week couples will go home and PRACTICE their new skills and complete assignments to get to know each other better. Learn effective research based skills to communicate. Learn how to argue with out damaging your relationship. You will MASTER these skills. Instead of getting over loaded by a lot of information and retaining only a percentage. Most weekend workshops are more expensive than The Premarital Workshop. That is 12 hours of an educational course on your marriage. Individual therapy ranges from $70 to $150 per 50 minutes.

What if we don't feel comfortable talking about our issues in a group setting?

Is this a large group? The weekend getaways are large conference like groups, I may not have individualized learning.

We are not engaged and are not sure if we are ready. Can we still participate?

Why is this workshop non-religious based?

We are an interracial couple, is this workshop for us?

We are a same sex couple, is this workshop for us?

What if as the Workshop progresses, we have doubts about whether to get married?

Nikelle Rosier, MSW, LICSW Therapist and Educator
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